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Lieming Ding
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Lieming Ding   Chairman of the Board & CEO

National High-level Talent Program Expert, National “New Drug Innovation” committee member, recipient of the State Council’s allowance. Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from the University of Arkansas (U.S.), U.S.-certified pathologist. The 12th and 13th National People's Congress member, Standing Committee member and the Deputy Director of the Special Committee on Biological and Medical Special Committees of China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation, Director of the Central Economic and Financial Committee of the Agricultural and Labor Party, Deputy Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Vice President of China Pharmaceutical Promotion Association, President of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Industry Association. In 2003, Dr. Ding founded Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., and led the team to successfully develop China's first small-molecule anti-cancer targeted therapy——icotinib, building a leading R&D and commercialization platform for anti-cancer targeted therapies. He has presided 13 national-level major science and technology projects such as the “New Drug Innovation”, applied for 84 patents, and published 29 articles. Because of his outstanding contributions, Dr. Ding has won National Science and Technology Progress Award (the first accomplisher), Gold Prize of China Patent Award, National Innovation Award, China Industrial Award, National Outstanding Professional and Technical Personnel, National Outstanding Science and Technology Workers, "Top 10" of Overseas Chinese, Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Major Contribution Award and other honors.

  • Lieming Ding
    Chairman of the Board & CEO
  • Jiang Wan
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Jiabing Wang
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Li Mao
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Jia Tong
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Board Secretary
  • Wanyu Cai
    Vice President
  • Yongbin Ma
    Vice President
  • Jianxun Fan
    Vice President
    Chief Finance Officer
  • Feng Liu
    Vice President
  • Larry (Lingyu) Zhu
    Vice President
  • Hena Shi
    Vice President & General Manager of Oncology Business Department I
  • Bo Mao
    Vice President & General Manager of Oncology Business Department II
  • Hong Lan
    Senior Director
    Head of Beijing R&D Center
  • Lily (Ying) Li
    Senior Director of
    Strategic Collaboration
  • Hao Wu
    Senior Director
    Head of Hangzhou R&D Center
  • Liang Deng
    Senior Director of Biologics
  • Wenxin Xu
    Senior Director
    Head of Immunology
  • Dong Ji
    Head of Clinical Management & Medical Affairs
  • Fenlai Tan
    Senior Advisor
  • Hancheng Zhang
    Senior Advisor