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Since the market launch of icotinib hydrochloride, through carrying out more than 90 clinical studies, including studies on first-line treatment in lung cancer, lung cancer with brain metastasis, EGFR status-unclear lung cancer, EGFR exon-21 mutated lung cancer, etc., Betta has further promoted clinical research of lung cancer, helping China's lung cancer research to enter the international arena. Nearly 200 SCI papers has been published, and the accumulated impact factor (IF) has surpassed 700. These results have also been reported and presented at international conferences such as ASCO and WCLC.
Icotinib hydrochloride was included on the guidelines for lung cancer treatments in China, and established as a first-line treatment for lung cancer. The consensus discussed and reached by key lung cancer clinicians in China is included in “Guidelines for Medications for Malignant Tumors (MIMS)”, “ Chinese Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Lung Cancer (2018)” published by the National Health and Family Planning Committee, “Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Primary Lung Cancer (2019)” published by CSCO and “Principles of Cancer Medication Guidelines (2019)” published by the National Health Commission.

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